Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde

Et cependant tout le monde veut respirer et personne ne peut respirer et beaucoup disent "nous respirerons plus tard" Et la plupart ne meurent pas car ils sont déjà morts - FRANCE, MAY '68
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Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti @ LIVE MUSIC CLUB (Trezzo sull’Adda MI)2 Novembre 2013Foto: © Valentina Genna Immagine protetta da copyright. All rights reserved. Don’t use this photo without written consent.

“Non lo so dove vanno le persone quando cessano di esistere. Ma so dove restano.”

Margaret Mazzantini (via unpostodovetumiamavi)

Reclining nude, Detail.
by Vlaho Bukovac

Looking out the window. The Bronx, New York.
by Stephen Shames

“Leggevo i miei libri di notte, sotto la coperta, con la lampada surriscaldata. Leggevo tutte quelle belle frasi e intanto soffocavo. Pura magia.”

Panino al prosciutto, Charles Bukowski. (via tuhaiscossolemieossa)


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Interviewer: You probably have a much stronger bond than you’d admit in public.
Liam: Without a doubt. I don’t need to show my undying love for my brother. Listen, I adore that geezer. And I know he adores me. What do people want, me to fucking impregnate him or summat? 
Noel: [fondles huge imaginary bump] He’s only gone an’ got me up the fucking duff! To prove how much he loves me! Twins!