Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde

Et cependant tout le monde veut respirer et personne ne peut respirer et beaucoup disent "nous respirerons plus tard" Et la plupart ne meurent pas car ils sont déjà morts - FRANCE, MAY '68
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Interviewer: You probably have a much stronger bond than you’d admit in public.
Liam: Without a doubt. I don’t need to show my undying love for my brother. Listen, I adore that geezer. And I know he adores me. What do people want, me to fucking impregnate him or summat? 
Noel: [fondles huge imaginary bump] He’s only gone an’ got me up the fucking duff! To prove how much he loves me! Twins!

Mapping out the next day’s adventure.

February 17, 2014

“È difficile dimenticare qualcuno che ti ha dato molto da ricordare.”

Colpa delle stelle, John Green (via vialemanidagliocchi)